The William Vale, Brooklyn, NY

The Brooklyn Winery, Brooklyn, NY

Sarah and Will's Brooklyn wedding was an absolutely perfect way to start off this years wedding season. They prepared at The William Vale, and for anyone who is unfamiliar, it may me one of the nicer hotels my eyes have ever seen! Every room has a panoramic view of Brooklyn and the New York City skyline, an epic backdrop while Sarah had her hair and makeup done; and while Will got ready with his closest friends, and by the looks of it, they had the time of their life. 

From there we went to the rooftop of The William Vale for a first look that I will never forget, upon the 22nd floor, where we had a total view of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Sarah and Will were so natural with each each other, I was able to simply sit back and capture them just genuinely being themselves, I don't think it gets any better than that for a photographer.

The ceremony was at The Brooklyn Winery, the rustic charm was a perfect fit for a Brooklyn wedding. Will was looking super sharp and Sarah was absolutely jaw dropping! They were surrounded by the closest group of family and friends; they even made me feel like I have known them all for years. Everyting was about as perfect as could be, and their love was sealed with a first kiss as husband and wife,  in front a clapping and cheering crowd!!

... I kind of thought that was as good as it gets...until the band gave Will a guitar and he absolutely brought the house down!!!

It was truly a day filled with amazing moments and I was just glad to be a small part of it.