Baby Photography

Chloe's first Birthday!!

We have a one year old daughter. I'm still getting used to the sound of that! What an amazing adventure it's been. I can remember leaving the hospital and thinking "now what?" How can they trust us to take care of a baby?? Diapers, swaddles, pumps, pacifiers, bottles, tummy time, teething, crawling, crying, throw up, sick, healthy, sick, healthy, sick, healthy; it can seem overwhelming at times. But with the help of family, friends, neighbors, doctors and google, we have ended up with the most beautiful and happy baby!!

We asked ourselves what we would be doing today if we didn't have Chloe; we honestly had no idea. What did we used to do when we had free time?... Whatever it would have been, I can guarantee it would not have been as fun as spending the day spoiling our little monster.

Every time she smiles, it's as if the rest of the world doesn't exist. It's the MOST incredible feeling. Happy Birthday Chloe!

Valentine's Day 2/14/15

It was my first Valentine's Day with my TWO beautiful ladies, and per usual this snowed. I had this Photo in mind all winter long. It was a lot more work than I had originally anticipated: We needed snow at night, Chloe had to be awake (and not cranky!), and I had to make sure to catch Amanda in the right mood to venture out into the ice and snow. Finally, all of the pieces fell into place. What you can't see is that Amanda is standing in snow up to her waist, I had about 30 seconds to get the right shot before it was time to get them both inside, and luckily we managed to get a shot that immediately became one of my favorites!

Silver Sands Sunrise 10/30/14

Amanda had been asking for a photo shoot for her and Chloe for a while. Lately, while on my 6:30am morning commute on the metro north, I had noticed that the autumn sunrises had been really amazing. So we decided that we would try an early morning sunrise session. It sounds good in theory, but actually getting up that early on your day off is a lot easier said than done. After some convincing, I was able to get Amanda out of bed, followed by Chloe and off we rushed to silver sands. Once we were there it was TOTALLY worth loosing sleep. The ocean was calm, the fog was rolling out and the colors were amazing!