The Connecticut coastline is such a tranquil and charming place. It's so simple stroll along a boardwalk for miles, then dig your toes in the sand and just relax to the sound of the waves slowly rolling in, the perfect place to loose track of the stresses and responsibilities of your day. That is exactly the feeling we tried to capture with our bridal photo session. Beauty and simplicity.

This project started as an idea about 6 months ago, we brainstormed, then followed up with countless phone calls, emails and texts to transform our vision into reality; and over time, we assembled an amazing collection of talented individuals. It was truly a rewarding experience for me, and I can't possibly show enough gratitude to everyone involved.

Makeup: Jaime Fanelli  Hair: Nicole O'Hare  Model: Sophia Lily  Dress: Stars  Flowers: Fleurescent