Melissa and John

Cowboy boots and a tandem bike.

Two things you don't normally associate with a wedding, but they are two things that MADE this wedding! They seemed to sum up Melissa and John's personalities, although I only met them the day of their wedding, I could immediately tell they love to have a good time. I instantly felt at ease around them, and the sentiment continued as I got know friends and family.

It was a beautiful day at the quaint Tirrell Room in Boston, Ma. Blue Skies, green grass and happy guests surrounded the gazebo where Melissa and John had their ceremony. Melissa looked beautiful in her elegant dress and John was looking equally as sharp.  The ceremony was heartfelt and included some laughs as well, highlighted by an amazing first kiss as husband and wife! From there, it was a collection of a close knit group of family and friends enjoying great food, great music and one of the most epic children's dance-offs I have ever seen! I was so lucky to be a part of this special day in the lives of Melissa and John.