There's two things I love, photographing weddings and wineries! So you can imagine my excitement when Annabelle told me her and Lincoln were going to have their reception at the gorgeous Rosedale Vineyards.  

The day started with Annabelle as she prepared for one of the biggest moments of her life. I quickly noticed her outgoing and bright personality. She lit up the room as soon as she walked in.  It was obvious this was going to be a memorable event from the very beginning. Annabelle had an air of warmth and beauty to her all day, it's no wonder she made the most stunning bride, and Lincoln was the perfect match. He's an easy going, fun loving guy; and his smooth look complimented Annabelle's.

Blue sky's and sunshine surrounded them all day while everyone gathered at the church to witness the beautiful moment when Lincoln and Annabelle became husband and wife. The weather followed to the winery where rows of grape vines surrounded the reception tent. Delicious food and tasty wine coupled with music and friends put everyone in a joyful mood. This sentiment only got stronger as the night went on. It ended as a crisp evening that really gave the feel of an autumn day, a perfect fit, the day couldn't have gone any better. Congratulations to Annabelle and Lincoln to a lifetime of happiness.

Church: St. Margaret Mary Church

Vineyard: Rosedale Farms and Vineyards

Hair/Makeup: The Velvet Touch

Flowers: Stew Leonard's Floral

Second Photographer: Justin Benson

Music and Entertainment: DJ Derek Egerman

Catering: Harvest Cafe and Bakery

Bartender: Bartenders Express

Cake: Celia Freitas, Groom's Aunt

Hotel: Avon Old Farms Hotel

Rentals: Bremar Rentals



The overall theme for Synthia and Bryan's wedding: Elegance. Synthia's classic beauty came natural to her. Add a chic dress and you have a perfectly stunning bride. As she was surrounded by gorgeous family and friends, you could see her glowing with excitement on one of the biggest days of her life.

Bryan was as sharp as I've ever seen. His cool demeanor matched the look of his suit. No detail went unnoticed, his jacket, his watch, his fresh haircut all coordinated with the theme of elegance. 

The venue: Aria. A perfect location for this event. The modern architecture, grand staircases and amazing view of the valley kicked this wedding up to a new level. It's safe to say that everyone present was admiring the greatness of this day. Synthia and Bryan were incredible hosts and put on the event of a lifetime. I'm so lucky to have been a part of it.

Venue: Aria

Second Photographer: Ivania Courchesne


I was so excited when Jamie and Mark asked me to photograph their wedding. I had met them a few years before, they are the type of people who you instantly feel comfortable around. Their fun-loving personalities make it impossible to not have a great time when your with them. I knew their wedding was going to be an epic one.

The Branford House was such a regal venue. When your inside, you feel like your in a medieval castle. I found myself admiring my surroundings throughout the day. That's just the inside, step outside, and feel the ocean breeze, hear the sound of boats cruising by, and see one of the most amazing sunsets.

The day was a perfect one, Jamie and Mark looked terrific and they were surrounded by so many of their closest family and friends. You could feel the love fill the room. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it.

Congratulations to a wonderful couple!

church: St. Patrick's Church

reception: The Branford House

hair/makeup: BellaBeauty Bridal

flowers: Gira!

catering: Tom's Market Catering

cake: Isis Cakes

second photographer: Justin Benson



It's not very often that you get a brewery all to yourself. However, Amanda and Joe made some calls and we ended up with the run of Two Roads Brewery. It was my first time there, I was amazed at the rustic beauty. We explored the building and found some great locations to shoot. What a unique session for such a fun loving couple, I was thrilled to take photos for them. Thank you Amanda and Joe for such a great day. 

Melissa and John

Cowboy boots and a tandem bike.

Two things you don't normally associate with a wedding, but they are two things that MADE this wedding! They seemed to sum up Melissa and John's personalities, although I only met them the day of their wedding, I could immediately tell they love to have a good time. I instantly felt at ease around them, and the sentiment continued as I got know friends and family.

It was a beautiful day at the quaint Tirrell Room in Boston, Ma. Blue Skies, green grass and happy guests surrounded the gazebo where Melissa and John had their ceremony. Melissa looked beautiful in her elegant dress and John was looking equally as sharp.  The ceremony was heartfelt and included some laughs as well, highlighted by an amazing first kiss as husband and wife! From there, it was a collection of a close knit group of family and friends enjoying great food, great music and one of the most epic children's dance-offs I have ever seen! I was so lucky to be a part of this special day in the lives of Melissa and John.


We had been planning our family vacation in Madison, Ct for almost a year. Finally it was time, we all arrived, unpacked, relaxed, had an amazing dinner, and of course played cards way too late into the night. Our vacation was off to a great start. The next morning however, it got kicked up a notch! Pam and John woke up early and decided to go for a walk. Since the shoreline is so beautiful and serene, we thought nothing of it. 

When they returned...we couldn't help notice the sun glaring off of Pam's finger. They were ENGAGED! The only thing shining brighter than Pam's gorgeous engagement ring was the smile on her face. So naturally, we went out and took a few engagement photos. The sun was still rising, the sand was soft, the ocean was calm. The location was perfect and the couple was glowing. I was honored to be a part of it all. Congratulations to a perfect couple!

Truc Linh and Cristiano

Linh and Cristiano's wedding day was full of class and elegance from beginning to end. Linh was a picture perfect bride who's beauty blew everyone away. While Cristiano looked sharp and smooth as ever. Their love for one another was obvious as they naturally gravitated towards each other.

You truly know when you are witnessing something special, and that is the feeling I had photographing this wedding. We were all in awe of how perfect everything was, and I'm not surprised at all, Linh and Cristiano are a perfect couple...cheers to a lifetime of happiness!

second photographer: justin benson


The Connecticut coastline is such a tranquil and charming place. It's so simple stroll along a boardwalk for miles, then dig your toes in the sand and just relax to the sound of the waves slowly rolling in, the perfect place to loose track of the stresses and responsibilities of your day. That is exactly the feeling we tried to capture with our bridal photo session. Beauty and simplicity.

This project started as an idea about 6 months ago, we brainstormed, then followed up with countless phone calls, emails and texts to transform our vision into reality; and over time, we assembled an amazing collection of talented individuals. It was truly a rewarding experience for me, and I can't possibly show enough gratitude to everyone involved.

Makeup: Jaime Fanelli  Hair: Nicole O'Hare  Model: Sophia Lily  Dress: Stars  Flowers: Fleurescent

Chloe's first Birthday!!

We have a one year old daughter. I'm still getting used to the sound of that! What an amazing adventure it's been. I can remember leaving the hospital and thinking "now what?" How can they trust us to take care of a baby?? Diapers, swaddles, pumps, pacifiers, bottles, tummy time, teething, crawling, crying, throw up, sick, healthy, sick, healthy, sick, healthy; it can seem overwhelming at times. But with the help of family, friends, neighbors, doctors and google, we have ended up with the most beautiful and happy baby!!

We asked ourselves what we would be doing today if we didn't have Chloe; we honestly had no idea. What did we used to do when we had free time?... Whatever it would have been, I can guarantee it would not have been as fun as spending the day spoiling our little monster.

Every time she smiles, it's as if the rest of the world doesn't exist. It's the MOST incredible feeling. Happy Birthday Chloe!

Valentine's Day 2/14/15

It was my first Valentine's Day with my TWO beautiful ladies, and per usual this snowed. I had this Photo in mind all winter long. It was a lot more work than I had originally anticipated: We needed snow at night, Chloe had to be awake (and not cranky!), and I had to make sure to catch Amanda in the right mood to venture out into the ice and snow. Finally, all of the pieces fell into place. What you can't see is that Amanda is standing in snow up to her waist, I had about 30 seconds to get the right shot before it was time to get them both inside, and luckily we managed to get a shot that immediately became one of my favorites!

Silver Sands Sunrise 10/30/14

Amanda had been asking for a photo shoot for her and Chloe for a while. Lately, while on my 6:30am morning commute on the metro north, I had noticed that the autumn sunrises had been really amazing. So we decided that we would try an early morning sunrise session. It sounds good in theory, but actually getting up that early on your day off is a lot easier said than done. After some convincing, I was able to get Amanda out of bed, followed by Chloe and off we rushed to silver sands. Once we were there it was TOTALLY worth loosing sleep. The ocean was calm, the fog was rolling out and the colors were amazing!